Saturday, November 19, 2011

Isaac Waite:Husband, Father, Civil War Soldier & Farmer

The other day I introduced you to my Euphemia's.  Euphemia Brooks was married to Isaac C Waite. Isaac and Euphemia had four daughters.   Anna Marie, Mary Etta, Abby Jane and Euphemia.  Isaac was born April 1830  in Napoli, Chenango County, New York.  He is the son of Oliver and Irene Chesebrough (Chesebro) Waite.

Before Isaac was married he had already lost his father.  He married Euphemia on the 23rd of November in 1852 in Otto Township, Cattaraugus County, New York. In 1855 the family is in New Albion, Cattaruagus County, New York but by 1857 they are on the move.  They are found in Spring Valley, Fillmore County, Minnesota   With them is Isaac's younger brother Oliver.

The Civil War begins and on the 8th of November in 1862 Isaac enrolled in Company I of the 1st regiment of Minnesota Mountain Rangers.  This term of service ended on the 1st of December 1863.   He was also enrolled with Company A Hatch's Battalion Minnesota Cavalry on 26th of February 1864.  He was commanded by Capt. D.W. Allen and was honorably discharged at Fort Snelling on the  5th day of June 1866.

While in service Isaac had a variety of ailments but the worst would have been found in his medical file from the Civil War papers.  In 1863 he was riding a mule attached to a provision wagon when the mule fell on his left leg. The knee was bruised badly and he was taken to a hospital 40 miles away where he waited for care for six to seven weeks.  Eventually later in life the Jackson Republic noted that he had an operation on his knee and his leg was amputated.  He was troubled with Ostetis or rotting of the bone and the only way to prevent spreading of the disease was to amputate.

The family stays in Spring Valley for a few more years but by 1870 they are located in Minneota, Jackson County, Minnesota.  In 1875 Isaac and Euphemia not only have their children but also two grandsons (William McQuillan and Arthur McQuillan) living with them as their mother had passed away in 1872.

1876 brings more sad news for the family as their daughter Abby Jane passes away.

In 1880 they also have their daughter Mary Etta and her husband and daughter (the Uptedgrafft family) living with them.

 In 1893 Isaac loses his wife of 40 years.  The local newspaper publishes a resolution about the passing of Euphemia from the Women's Relief Corps (Auxiliary to the Grand Army Republic).  Then in 1897 he loses is youngest daughter.

Isaac continues to live on a farm with his grandson Will McQuillan and eventually passes away on the 14th of September 1905.  At the time of his death his pension was $12.00.  He was buried in the Loon Lake Cemetery in Jackson County, Minnesota.

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall and seen the many things that Isaac saw in his life.  He took a chance and moved his family to places unknown, was a charter member and Deacon of the Loon Lake Baptist Church and had seen so many that he loved pass on before him.  Once again I remember them as I know them!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Favorite Ancestors

Where to start with this big huge family???  I have been married twice and have children with both men that I married.  Both families are very important to me and in essence I float around and research on whichever line jumps out at me at any given time.

When I look back at how I started researching genealogy it all came down to a project in Middle School.  That started the bug for me.  I took time off to have children finish my BA in Education and of course that little thing called life!

My favorite ancestors however have to be the two named Euphemia!  That name alone had me hooked.  I used to think it was the weirdest name I had ever heard.  What parent would name their child Euphemia?  Then do it again???

The first Euphemia was Euphemia Brooks.  She was born in April of 1830 in Norwich, Chenango Co, NY.  In 1850 she was living with the Martin Waite family and by 1852 she was married to Isaac C. Waite.  They eventually up and left New York for Spring Valley, Fillmore Co, MN and eventually ended up in Jackson County, MN.  They had four daughters together and she passed away 11 April 1893.

This is Isaac & Euphemia Brooks Waite taken some time before she passed away.  It was given to me by a relative who had no idea of the date.

One of those daughters was Euphemia Waite.  This Euphemia was born 15 May 1868 in  Minneota, Jackson Co, MN.  She married Fritz (Fred) Guritz on 9 April 1885 in Jackson Co, MN and they preceded to have six children themselves.  Unfortunately Euphemia passed away on 8 December 1897 in Jackson Co, MN.  She was not even 30 years old.  Her oldest child was only 11 years old and the baby was only 2 years old.

Luckily I was able to find her tombstone on a visit to the Loon Lake Cemetery in Jackson County, MN before it disappeared.  The cemetery there is very overgrown and has a tendency to be a party place.  The party people then throw the tombstones in the lake.

So I guess that is my story about my Euphemia's.  Obviously some day I would like to learn more about their life and their struggles but for now I just remember them as I know them!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why am I blogging???


Today is my first day blogging!!

I have been thinking about blogging about my family and my research for a long time.  For some reason today was the day.  I am hoping that by blogging about my family and my extended family that I will meet new family.  I also would love to connect with others in regards to making myself a better genealogist.

I am a mom to four awesome kids and a wife to a great husband.  I currently work for the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society as the Administrative Assistant.  In my "spare" time I am pursing a BA in History, I enjoy camping with the family and extended family and love to do research!!!

Mostly I really want to share my family and my extended family with others!

So off I go onto a great adventure!  Hope you come along for the ride!!