Thursday, January 31, 2013

Open Thread Thursday: Who Inspires You?

Interesting topic for Open Thread Thursday!  Thomas MacEntee from Geneabloggers set some rules though!  For those that know me I have this love/hate relationship with rules.  While I love rules in my everyday life at the same time I hate rules that make me think just a bit harder!

Basically Thomas stated that we could not choose him.  So of course being me I just have to bend the rules a bit!  (Sorry Thomas!)

See this is hard for me as Thomas has inspired me not only on a personal level to learn more about the latest technology associated with genealogy but also on a professional level with my job as the Administrative Assistant for the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society.

So I began to think...think...think!!! (I love Pooh!) Then it came to me!

Someone that has inspired me on both levels of my genealogical life is Lori Bessler from the Wisconsin Historical Society Library & Archives.  Here is a  picture of Lori for those that do not know her:

Lori and I met after I became the Administrative Assistant for WSGS.  We began to collaborate on a professional level which assisted me in doing the best job I could for WSGS.  Along the way I learned a great deal about how WHS could assist me with my research and in essence assist others to increase their knowledge of the many resources at WHS.  Her ability to inform and educate others in a way that makes sense is amazing.  She takes her knowledge and brings it to the level that is so easy to understand.

Lori has been there for me every step of the way and still continues to be there for me!  We do a great deal of sharing and bouncing ideas off of each other.  When we get together you never know what is going to happen!  Our ability to work so well together has benefited both of our groups but more importantly both of us personally.  I am glad to have her not only as a professional ally but also as a friend!  Thanks Lori for all that you have done for me and WSGS!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Samuel G. Dickey: Civil War Soldier

Samuel G. Dickey was born 9 November 1840 in Neshannock, Mercer, Pennsylvania.  He was born to David Lawson Dickey and Nancy Agnes Love.  The Dickey family moved from Pennsylvania to Iowa between 1850 and 1852.  In the 1850 census they are living in Neshannock, Pennsylvania but by 1852 they are in the Iowa State Census living in Bellevue, Jackson, Iowa.  (I am always so happy to have Iowa family as the Iowa State Census is a wonderful thing!)  The family continues to live in Bellevue and is found in subsequent census records including 1860.

On 18 August 1862 Samuel enlists in Company K of the 31st regiment of Iowa Infantry.  I was so excited to find another Civil War ancestor that I immediately sent for his pension records.  Hoping that they would assist in filling in the holes that I had on this man and his family.  That they did.  The marriage date was listed so that I could find that information and when his pension stopped due to his death.  This assisted me in finding his death date later in my story.  He went to many different states as can be seen by visiting Iowa Gen Web site that provides a historical sketch of his regiment.  This information at was taken from The Roster and Record of Iowa Troops in the Rebellion, Vol. 3 By Guy Logan.   On 27 June 1865 he was discharged at Louisville, Kentucky.

In his pension papers he states that he has chronic bronchitis which he incurred at Arkansas in the month of January 1863.  He further states that it was aggravated by hardships and exposure while at Young's Point near Vicksburg along with being at Butler Canal and Lookout Mountain.  In further reading the pension file it seems that he endured many nights of rain and snow while on guard duty.

On 16 October 1866 Samuel marries Margaret Boone in Jackson County, Iowa.

                                          Received 13 December 1994 from Clerk of District Court, Jackson County, Iowa.  License #878.

Margaret Boone was born in October of 1845 in Jackson County, Iowa.  She is the daughter of Urbain Paul Boone and Mary D. Lawless.  Urbain is the grandson of George Boone who is the brother to Daniel Boone.  (That is a story for another day!)  Margaret and Samuel move to Scotch Grove, Jones, Iowa by 1870.  By 1870 they have Cora Alfreda born in 1867 and Mary Anna born in 1869 (Mary Anna is my ancestor.)  They did not stay long in Jones County but instead moved on to Greene County and are living in Kendrick, Greene, Iowa in the 1880 census.  By this time they have added Don A born in 1872, Lawson David born in 1873, Trinvella born in 1876 and Venna Estella born in 1880.  Sad news hit also as Trinvella dies in 1878.  In 1885 they are living in Glidden, Carroll, Iowa and by this time their last child has been born Charles Henderson in 1882.  However once again sad news hits the family as Margaret dies 7 July 1884.  She and Trinvella are buried in the Dillavou Cemetery, Ralston, Greene, Iowa.  Sadly it seems her tombstone is now gone but luckily I had taken a picture of it when I was there many years ago.

Samuel remains in Glidden until at least 1900.  After that he seemed to be lost.  Lost until I received his pension papers that said he was last paid on 4 January 1907 and was dropped because of death 27 March 1907.  The clue I needed.  I then began searching everywhere to find him.  Some genealogy angel was watching over me as I finally found him in Oregon City, Clackamas, Oregon.  An obituary stating that he had died at his daughter's home.  He had moved out there six years before.

Some day I will locate his burial place and find the tombstone.  It is just a matter of time before my genealogy angel comes back to help me!