Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remember What Others Gave Up: Where was I on September 11, 2001???

Eleven years ago today the day started out just like any other.  The kids went to school and I went to work. On this day we had a meeting that was for the entire company.  For some reason that escapes me now I was asked to come help out on phones.  When I got to the front desk the other person was acting different.  Almost in a panic.  It was only after she got off the phone that I discovered what was going on.  The first plane had struck.  The fear, the worry, the panic set in.  I was 35 miles away from my children.  All I wanted to do was get home.  I wanted to hold my kids and never ever let them go.  Of course that was not going to happen.  I had a job to do and my students were waiting for me.  They needed me to explain this to them.  How would or rather could I explain what was happening?  How could I tell them that we would be okay?  All day my time was spent trying to find the latest information so that I could update them.  I also had to go home and explain it to my own children.  They had heard bits and pieces but really needed more.

That night I did a great deal of soul searching.  What did I want from life?  What did I hope to gain?  Had I done everything that I had wanted to?  Had I done all I could do for my children?  What about my children? Would there life be ending soon?  They would not grow up and experience love, college or a long life?  So many questions and so many fears.  Would a plane crash in Wisconsin?  Would the United States ever make it through this? 

No I wanted my children to grow up!  I wanted them to experience life.  I didn't want to see so much fear anxiety or death.  I wasn't done with my genealogy...I had so much more to find out!  I was interested in a person that I worked with and others were telling me to ask him out.  No way....he was younger...I had kids....he was younger...I had kids....NO WAY!  After that day's events I decided what was I waiting for.  He could only say NO!  

I asked him out the next day and he said YES!  Eventually we ended up getting married and having a daughter of our own besides my three sons.  So while others went through so much sadness, grief and pain that fateful day ended up being one that changed my life for good.  I only wish my moment of happiness would not have been due to so much pain that others had to endure.  It is a day that the people of the United States should not forget.  A day that should be remembered so that we never forget what others endured so that we may still be here!


  1. So glad you got a positive result out of that experience. So many didn't, but I expect many, many more had positive life-altering experiences after deep soul-searching. Bittersweet!

  2. It was so bittersweet that so much sadness happened on one day...but that sadness did open my heart and mind to see what else might be out there for me!