Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Blogiversary to Me!!!!

Birthday cake Stock Photo - 14765237Well one year ago I took the plunge to try and blog!  Looking back I did not do as well as I had wanted.  I guess I thought it would be easier but with family, work and school I found blogging just did not fit in!  Now with my BA in History completed I hope to write at least one blog a week.

How can I accomplish this goal???  I decided to look at my ancestors and see what interesting things pop up.  Just one of the interesting tidbits that I found was the family of siblings where three siblings died on the same day in various years.  I think the ancestor from Maine where I found the actual rifle that he used would be another interesting story.  There are so many stories that one can tell if you take the time.

The goal then is to take the next few weeks and sit down and make a calendar! Then start writing and posting!  Just remembering the family!!!!!


  1. Happy Blogiversary! Looking forward to following you!

  2. Thank you Linda! I really hope to blog a great deal more!

  3. Happy Blogiversary! Looking forward to following you. I noticed in your last article you used BLM records. I also used them recently. I notice also there is a "related documents" tab which might have additional clues.

    Grant Davis

  4. Happy Blogiversary, indeed! I know just how hard it is to take the time to write 'something' for a blog, Chris. Enjoy the process... not everyone writes a comment, but assume more readers than commenters! Cheers from another newby!

  5. Happy blogiversary! And congratulations on your BA in history!!

    About not blogging as much as you would have liked...I can relate. I've been blogging for almost 7 years, but there have been times when I have taken very long breaks. I have even deleted blogs and started all over again. Since we actually live our lives away from our computers, it's understandable that things just come up sometimes. You will get back on track, and setting a goal of 1 post a week is not as overwhelming as setting a goal to blog every single day.

    Have a great day,